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Why You Should Have a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Why You Should Have a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know just how much one small delay can cost a business. That means you do everything in your power to make sure the building itself is in top shape in order to protect the business within, including its assets, inventory, and personnel. However, despite all of these efforts to minimize delays and expenses, most business or commercial property owners don’t stop to think about the roof overhead. A simple leak can deal immense damage and cause major delays, resulting in thousands of dollars in costs and losses. However, preventing leaks doesn’t have to be difficult—a proper maintenance plan can reduce the chances of a leak dramatically.

Prevent Leaks

Over time, any roof will wear out and develop leaks, and these leaks can lead to tremendous damage to your facility. Flat roofs in particular face a number of added hazards simply because they can develop ponds and puddles that slowly work their way into the structure of your roof. A proper maintenance plan accounts for these issues and works to fight back against them ahead of time, preventing them from happening and keeping your business running smoothly with little to no down time.

Avoid Emergencies

A roof leak can cause an emergency in your business fairly quickly. Even a small roof leak can lead to a water spill on a smooth floor. That spill can result in a slip-and-fall injury, requiring medical attention and a temporary halt of work in one area. Leaks can also damage valuable objects like saleable inventory or even extremely valuable equipment your business depends on. When you think of the costs you could sustain from these emergencies, a roof maintenance plan is a no-brainer.

Protect Your Property Value

The roof over your head is an important part of your property value. A roof that is in good condition and carefully maintained with few to no faults is going to be worth much more to a potential buyer or tenant than one that’s old, leaky, and will need replaced before a sale or lease is completed. That means preservation is an important part of commercial facility ownership, and the first step to preserving your roof is a maintenance service performed by a skilled and experienced Tulsa commercial roofer.

Save Money

Let’s face it, roof repairs are expensive. Replacing damaged equipment is expensive. Paying for injured employees is tremendously expensive. Most business owners don’t have the money or time to lose when facing an issue with their roof, let alone pay the cost to replace an old, worn out roof that can no longer suitably protect them. When you look at it, the costs of a maintenance plan pale in comparison to those of an emergency, so why risk the emergency happening in the first place?

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