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When Should I Replace My Gutters & Windows?

When Should I Replace My Gutters & Windows?

The roof over your head is arguably your home’s single most important feature when it comes to protecting you from the elements. Your roof keeps out brutal sunlight and scorching heat during the summer and rain, snow, wind, and other elements during the winter. However, your roof isn’t alone in this fight: your rain gutters and your windows are also two huge players in terms of keeping the elements out. Also not unlike your roof, your windows and rain gutters will wear out and need replaced as time and elemental abuse get to them. Here are some signs that you should consider replacing your windows and rain gutters soon.

Rain Gutter Replacement

Rain gutters serve the important purpose of preventing water runoff from getting under the shingles or tiles on your roof, dealing damage to the underlayment and decking boards, ultimately leading to leaks into your home. Cleaning your rain gutters should be an annual job—over time your gutters will fill with dirt, debris, and other objects that can clog them up and prevent the water from exiting down the drain pipe and away from your home’s foundation.

However, after a while your rain gutters will crack, become unstable, and start leaking in certain spots. This is usually a good time to replace them. When cleaning your gutters each year, you should also take the time to inspect them and ensure they’re still properly attached and free from cracks or holes that may result in unwanted leaks. You should also consider replacing them completely when you replace your roof (both of which can easily be done at the same time).

Window Replacement

Windows do so much more than let light into your home: modern windows can help keep unwanted heat out, reduce outside noise, and even preserve your interior furniture and possessions by filtering out unwanted ultraviolet radiation. However, they aren’t effective forever. If your windows are more than 15 years old, you may be missing out on a number of benefits that you could receive from replacing them with new ones.

The first thing you should check is the frame around your window: is it still solid and sealed or are you noticing very small, slow leaks around your windows when it rains? If so, your windows need replaced. Second, check how easily your windows open and close: if they’re difficult to move then you probably need to replace them as the frame may have become rusty. Finally, if you notice significantly colder or warmer temperatures when your windows are closed, you probably have an air leak. Replace the weather stripping around your windows first, and if the problem persists, then consider replacement.

If you need your roof repaired or replaced, including your gutters, call a Tulsa roofer from T-Town Roofing today at 918-212-8184 and let us help you preserve your home by improving your weather protection this winter.

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