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Preparing Your Roof for the Summer Heat

Preparing Your Roof for the Summer Heat

Think summer is the easiest time of the year for your roof to get through? Think again. Just because your roof isn’t subjected to battering by rain, snow, and ice doesn’t mean it does its job easily. Summer has its own challenges to get through, including scorching temperatures, intense sunlight, and whipping winds that can wear even the most well-built and durable roofs. This means you should take the extra precautions to help protect your roof from these elements, particularly if it’s getting older. Here are a few quick tips on how you can protect your roof from summer weather.

Clean Your Gutters

Most of the dirt and debris that piles into your gutters, which clogs them up and weighs them down, falls in during summer months. The dust, sticks, small rocks, leaves, and branches blowing around in the wind all prevent your gutter from functioning properly. So make cleaning your gutters a part of your summer preparation.

If you want to avoid this step (and let’s face it, we can’t blame you), consider using your summer prep time to also install gutter guards. These are available from most home improvement stores and keep this debris out of your gutters, allowing them to continue to function properly, and do so for a minimal cost.

Check for Missing Shingles or Tiles

Winter weather can cause shingles or tiles to come loose and fall off, leaving the underbelly of your roof completely exposed. These areas are hotbeds for leaks, which can cause further damage to your roof and your home, including causing mold and mildew. When summer begins, take moment to visually inspect your roof and see if you can locate any spots where shingles are missing or warped, or if any tiles are cracked or missing.

If you notice any of these locations, call a roofer to schedule a repair. Even though it may not rain anytime soon, damaged tiles or shingles can leave certain parts of your roof open to abuse from the sun and heat, and the high winds can loosen other tiles or shingles around this gap, causing them to become damaged. Getting it repaired as quickly as possible can restore your roof’s integrity and prevent the issue from becoming worse.

Get an Inspection

Especially if your roof is 20 years old or more, you should call a professional Tulsa Roofer to come perform an inspection. A trained roofer can spot any signs of weakness that could be problematic come the next rainfall or even any damage you may not recognize. This allows you to have the problem repaired before it can fail or cause further damage to your roof, your home, or your property. It’s a smart idea to do this once every four or five years, even if your roof is brand new, to ensure any damage that has developed is fixed before it can become a serious threat.

Do you need to schedule a roof inspection? Look no further than the professionals at T-Town Roofing! Our Tulsa roofers are dedicated to helping you protect your home or business with a high-quality roof built by highly-trained and experienced professionals. We believe your complete satisfaction is the most important part of any job we take, and we strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence by providing superb workmanship and materials at competitive prices. Trust your roof to a company that has earned a multitude of prestigious awards and certifications, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Call T-Town Roofers today at 918-212-8184 and ask to receive a free service estimate for your maintenance or inspection!

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