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Dealing With Tornado Damage & Insurance Companies

Dealing With Tornado Damage & Insurance Companies

Oklahoma has a long history of tornados and it is a prime stomping ground for storm chasers. What is it about Oklahoma that makes it a hotspot for tornados? According to Tornado Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes, Oklahoma is right on the dry line, the moisture front that separates out the warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico from drier air that comes out from the Southwest. Forbes says it's very common for upper air systems to pull in those two air masses and touch off storms.

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM) reports that Oklahoma has averaged about 54 tornados per a year between 1950 and 2010. In those 60 years, there were around 3,466 tornados which resulted in 281 deaths and over 4,300 people were injured.

Oklahoma has a very specific tornado season, with tornado activity peaking in May, and about three-fourths of the tornado activity occurring between April and June. The United States has more tornados than anywhere else in the world and Oklahoma is coined as the nation's "Tornado Alley" with more tornados per square mile than in any other state and the plains.

Enduring Oklahoma's Tornado Season

Native Oklahomans know that the start of spring marks the severe weather season and naturally, homeowners begin to think about the increased risk of property damage from wind, rain, hail, floods and tornados.

At T-Town Roofing, we recommend that homeowners conduct an insurance checkup to be sure that they have the right coverage and in the right amounts. It's important to know what kind of coverage you have, how much coverage you need, and what your discounts and deductibles are. If your roof is damaged by a storm or a tornado, call your insurance agent as soon as possible, and be sure to cooperate fully with your agent or insurance carrier.

  • Take photos and/or video of the roof damage, this aids in the claims process and assists the adjuster in the investigation.
  • Make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage, but refrain from making permanent repairs until your insurance company has inspected your property and you've come to a mutual agreement about the cost of repairs, otherwise your insurance company may not reimburse you.
  • Save all receipts, including temporary roof repairs.
  • If your roof is severely damaged and you can't live there, ask your insurance provider if you are covered for living expenses while roof repairs are being made. Be sure to save all receipts for hotels and document your costs.
  • Once your claim has been processed, get estimates from a reputable contractor such as T-Town Roofing.

Is roof damage covered?

Roof damage caused by wind, wind-driven rain, and falling objects are usually covered on standard homeowners' insurance policies. But, you should be very familiar with your coverage and exclusions. Generally, interior storm-water damage is not covered when there is no damage to the home's roof or walls.

If your roof has sustained damage due to wind, hail, rain, or a tornado, contact T-Town Roofing for professional help. We have been in the roofing business for over 30 years and work with insurance cases on a regular basis, especially after a storm has swept through the area. Call us today for a free estimate of your residential or commercial roofing system!

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